Camilisa Lima

Camilisa Lima in the Photostudio - Close Up

There are three sports that occupy the minds of most Carnipelagians: Jai Alai, Beach Volleyball, and Water Polo. As you can imagine, all of them are fodder for rabid gamblers and as such have some unseemly underbelly associated with them.

An athletic stand-out at Carniville Academy, Camilisa Lima was a highly recruited water polo player, and many insist it was not just her prowess in the pool that made her so. Once Camilisa wrapped her precociously curvacious frame in the spandex water polo suit for the Nymphs (the team name, no joke), attendance at Academy games began to rise noticibly.

Then again, she was good, and the team was on a roll, and undefeated for most of her term there, so few would admit to the more lurid possibility for the spike in attendance. After graduation, she was convinced to turn pro and became a key member and captain of Team Fornax, a franchise in the Carnipelago Aquatic Athletics Association.

Camilisa's unusual beauty can be traced back to her mixed heritage. Her father was, not surprisingly, a teacher and water polo coach of the native Carnival Guild and her mother was an immigrant from Coctesia, the closest 'foreign' island to the Imperial Republic of Carnipelago.

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