Andie Lee

Andie Lee In The Private Lounge

To make a long story short, Andie Lee was a deputy for the Imperial Sheriff's office in Carniville who was asked to serve a summons to none other than Mr. Pucky Luxx, chairman of the board of Venus Island Girl, who recruited her to star in his floor show at the notorious nightclub called The Silver Seal. She promised to at least consider it if he would heed the summons. He fed it to his daughter's pet Zebra. Nevertheless, Andie thought it over and was an instant hit. She would also discover many talents left unutilized by her low-ranking position in the Sheriff's office, such as choreograpy and costume design. In fact, some of her wild ideas made many wonder how she wound up in law enforcement to begin with, but she still found time, even after becoming a go-go legend, to volunteer for the Sheriff from time to time - as a detective. Seems her comely charms served her in that area, as well, especially when it came to extracting information from drunk, horny, wealthy and misbehaving tourists.

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