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The content, visual and textual, presented on this site is entirely fictional and/or fantastical and not based on any persons, living or dead, or places or events historical or current, and contains themes intended for mature audiences only.

If you are offended by artistic expression that occasionally may incorporate strong language, sexual situations, partial or full nudity, please do not continue browsing this website.

Daisy Delgato's Sampler Gallery

Daisy Delgato at the Park

Finally, after a long hiatus, Venus Island Girl perks up again with a surprise! A new character has emerged as our staff put together the pieces of our Carnipelagian stories. Unknown until very recently, the voluptuous, gorgeous but troubled little clowngirl, Nina Pequena, had a cousin in the United States that she'd never met. Margarita "Daisy" Delgato, born in the rural La Pampa region of Argentina and raised in Little Argentina in Miama, Florida, was a dead ringer for Nina, most likely due to the fact that their mothers were identical twins. Read more »

Free Content - Pictures and Maybe More

GIGI! Yonga Bonga!Freebies: Take and share with your friends!

There are buttloads of free things you can help yourself to here at Read more »

About Membership

Roxanne with Hollie Mae and Windi at Fornax


Membership to Venus Island Girl is currently free to any adult who would like to view and read some of the more racy material on the site. At some point, membership will be on a paid subscription basis and hopefully if you join now, you will retain that free status, but we're not sure if that is possible or cost-effective with whatever transaction processor we eventually choose. So... join now!

History Of Venus Island Girl - The Magazine

Old Issue Of VIG

For many years, Venus Island Girl Magazine was purely a fashion and lifestyle monthly magazine for the residents and tourists of the tiny island nation of Carnipelago, whose official name is the oxymoronic "Imperial Republic of Carnipelago" and sometimes abreviated as the "IRC", and also occasionally known to Natives as "The Venus Islands."

In the 1970's, advances in full-color printing methods finally made their way to the shores of the Sea of Secrets, which is what the waters around the six islands of the tiny country are called, and looking to promote the latest fashions and appeal to a primarily female audience, several investors from the Carnival Guild began soliciting advertising and articles for their new publishing venture. Read more »

Okay, WTF?

Pucky Tells Campfire Stories

A Note From The Artist:

You might be wondering when you first find, well, "What the fuck?"

Well, I understand that. It's a bunch of pictures of women with what some might consider exaggerated, and even, as some have commented, grotesque features. Most wearing clothing that they'd would get them arrested on the Main Street of your hometown. But for the most part, they do wear clothing, however scanty. Read more »


Daisy At Silvio's Place

Daisy Loves The View - So Does Mr. Cumming...

Coming Soon To The Sea of Secrets Patreon site! The fourth installment of Daisy In School.

Daisy finally finagles her sexy, cute way to her professor's place, a little waterfront bungalow on Cetus Cove... and while she loves the view, he loves it more.

ZIP Files Available on Patreon

Disco Daisy

Themed ZIP files of recent work with Venus Island Girl models is now available on here along with much more pinup, nude and situational pics of Nina, Daisy and others. For just a few bucks a month, you will have access to a steady stream of work that has never been seen anywhere before. You'll also be able to share feedback and even make suggestions.

To check it out, simply follow this link! Read more »

New Works On Patreon

Nina On The Billie Mae

It's been quite some time since this site's been on hiatus due to other commitments, but there is still a vast amount of content from Carnipelago that has never been seen... until now!

We are currenly posting single pinups to and are in the process of creating a page on the Patreon website where you can actually see even more for a nominal cost per month, for as low as one or two dollars a month! Read more »

Now Available! Nina: The DeviantArt Collection, Part I


UPDATE: We've added 18 more pictures of Nina to The DeviantArt Collection, Part I! Some of them may have been posted here before, but a lot of them have never been seen before on, so we offer them here for your perusal. Please note: Many of these images contain nudity and are not suitable for younger audiences... or other people you might know... maybe at work? Read more »

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