Randi Gatinho

Randi Gatinho - Reform School Girl


A tall, skinny, working-class girl from Springfield, Randi ran afoul of local island authorities with her propensity for shoplifting, vandalism, and truancy. Exasperated, her single father, a mechanic for the amusement park, finally asked for help from his tribe, Circo Tulala (or The Tribe of Clowns), for some advice in what to do about his spawn, who he seemed to be unable to control.

"She's just desperate for attention," they told him. "If she had some other way to get attention from you or any other adults that might be a good influence on her, she might be less apt to get in trouble with the sheriff."

Some other way to attract attention. His father, who worked many hours, pondered the diagnosis, for better or worse. She was sixteen at the time and, he feared, sexually active. If he could marry her off to a good, affluent man who would shower her with affection and 'take care of her', then perhaps his problems would be solved. Meanwhile, Randi's criminal behavor landed her a room at the remote reform school, Moon Beach Girls' Academy. Randi hated the place, though it did keep her out of trouble for the time being, and she excelled at math and became a member of the school's elite water polo team, the Mermaids.

Her father missed his little brat, and she him, so together they worked out a somewhat bizarre agreement. Randi's self esteem and lust for attention would be solved, she insisted, by a new pair of breasts. She was surrounded by the typical buxom and voluptuous Carnipelagian girls who usually outcompeted her for the attention of any 'good catch' of which her father would approve. Or so she said.

So, when Randi graduated with honors from the Academy, her rather unusual graduation present was just that: a boob job. And what a boob job it was. Randi was truly 'reformed' in more ways than one.

Funny thing, though. She never did marry, at least not for many years after graduation. She loved her breasts, and true to form, loved the attention they brought her. She flaunted them, bared them, taunted whatever man she took a liking to with them, and finally found her way to the camera of Venus Island Girl after starting a wild and lurid 'sand football' show and sport with her roommate from the Academy, Angel Sputz.

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