Princess Vala

Vala is one of the last of the Caseme Arvore tribal acrobats to appear in Venus Island Girl. Once the magazine segued from a provocative women's fashion magazine to what it was later, the Empress of Carnipelago, once a regular subscriber, turned her nose up at the shift, and basically forbade her lovely lithe minions to appear in it.

Except Vala.

Vala was the favorite daughter of the last Empress of Carnipelago and considered by most in the know to have a lock for being named Eris II's successor. (This was later confirmed in 1990.) She had more freedoms than many of her tribal companions, and when Venus Island Girl editors pleaded (by writing) with Her Eternal Radiance (the honorific for a Carnipelagian Empress) to allow the lovely Vala to appear in the magazine, her mother agreed.

After all, it was a popular magazine, and if they wanted a Princess, they should have Vala, as long as she wasn't portrayed as some type of harlot. Vala's grandmother, the unpopular Eris I, was often referred to as "Eris The Whore" and Eris II would make sure that her lovely little successor would have none of that. She trusted Vala, and wanted Vala to be loved by all, and a few full-color glossies of the future Empress in a microscopic bikini or two couldn't hurt. Could it?

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