Genna Bonducci

Genna Bonducci - Waiting For Her Motel Roommate

When little Genna Bonducci told everyone that she wanted to be a hairdresser, most who knew her were a little surprised. After all, the petite but voluptuous small island girl was known to be a tomboy, who would rather be fixing her boat or working on her bicycle than doing such a girly thing like doing someone's hair. Not only that, but her own hair was quite unkempt, and often looked like a mop. (It was a style she wore well, but just the same...) But she may have had an ulterior motive. One of the biggest fans of a local rockband, the Love Pops, Genna noticed that the members of the band often changed hairstyles frequently - except for their androgynous, tall and slender lead singer, Rusty Naelhre. In an interview she read in none other than Venus Island Girl, Rusty mentioned that he left his hair long and unkempt because he didn't think the small country had a hairdresser that would 'let him do what he wanted.'  Feeling challenged, and in need of a career anyway, Genna fancied that someday Rusty would let her 'do what he wanted.' And eventually, she did... but not just with his hair. A silly reason to become a hairdresser? Maybe, but one thing led to another and the more she considered it, the more it seemed like there was a niche for her in the bright lights of the capital city, Carniville.

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