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Haelie Anne's Wild Vacation - 70 Pictures Story Set

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Haelie Anne at Broadway Motel
Friday, January 19, 2018


Daisy At Silvio's Place

Daisy Loves The View - So Does Mr. Cumming...

Coming Soon To The Sea of Secrets Patreon site! The fourth installment of Daisy In School.

Daisy finally finagles her sexy, cute way to her professor's place, a little waterfront bungalow on Cetus Cove... and while she loves the view, he loves it more.

ZIP Files Available on Patreon

Disco Daisy

Themed ZIP files of recent work with Venus Island Girl models is now available on here along with much more pinup, nude and situational pics of Nina, Daisy and others. For just a few bucks a month, you will have access to a steady stream of work that has never been seen anywhere before. You'll also be able to share feedback and even make suggestions.

To check it out, simply follow this link! Read more »

New Works On Patreon

Nina On The Billie Mae

It's been quite some time since this site's been on hiatus due to other commitments, but there is still a vast amount of content from Carnipelago that has never been seen... until now!

We are currenly posting single pinups to and are in the process of creating a page on the Patreon website where you can actually see even more for a nominal cost per month, for as low as one or two dollars a month! Read more »

Now Available! Nina: The DeviantArt Collection, Part I


UPDATE: We've added 18 more pictures of Nina to The DeviantArt Collection, Part I! Some of them may have been posted here before, but a lot of them have never been seen before on, so we offer them here for your perusal. Please note: Many of these images contain nudity and are not suitable for younger audiences... or other people you might know... maybe at work? Read more »

The Latest Pictorials

Girls And Games Cover Girls And Games! Part One


A brief look at several of the Island's loveliests ladies and the games they love to play! Venus Island Girl travels to the rustic Ossos Chocalho tavern on Moon Island with Windi Welch and Gigi Johnson, then go beneath the notorious Silver Seal nightclub to the staff's private game room where we watch Umi Suba and Delcine Boneca play some foosball!

From The Septembre 1985 Edition
Blue Ball Diaries Cover - Chapter 4 The Blue Ball Diaries - Part Four: The Ride Home

Fifty pages of rusty lurid adventures take place on an old steamship that suffices as the Island Nation's ferry system. Rusty, finally having survived the storm, and his pact with Pucky Luxx surviving the charms of Tami Tizzi-Nash, is now traveling home to Carniville Proper. There, on the S. S. Billie Mae, he's met by none other than the reigning Miss Carnipelago, a trollop named Pia Rapoza who may be younger than she claimed in her contest application! She slips the weary traveling Rusty into her private compartment, where he mistakenly confuses some potent serum for soda pop and suffers some unforgiving symptoms to himself and his world-class male member. Just as he thinks he's safe to ride it out and get home pact intact, he meets Pia's friends....

From The Venus Island Confidential: Edition 4 Edition
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