Roxanne Rolls

Roxanne Rolls

According to legend, to use that word rather liberally, Roxanne Rolls was a tourist amid the Venus Islands and a daughter of a wealthy industrialist who visited the tiny carefree nation 'on business'. In reality, he was there for the permissive sexual culture and narcotics, of course. When planning a second trip, his suspicious wife refused to let him go unless he bring along their teenage daughter who was getting in trouble at home for 'enslaving' older men.

Little Miss Rolls was quite the dominatrix, it turns out, and almost in fear of his little girl, and desperately wanting to get back to the little bacchanalian nation along the Sea of Secrets, he reluctantly agreed.

Once here, the debutante with the mean riding crop decided to stay, and blackmailed her father into an allowance that would let her live a rather carefree life amid the Carnipelagians.

That is... until the untimely death of her mother. Once freed from his marriage, her resentful father, angered by her extravagant demands in return for her complicity, threatened to disown her unless she stay in Carnipelago... and on a much smaller allowance...

...of course, by then, the resourceful Miss Roxanne, had many of the little country's most powerful men wrapped around her finger and she parlayed that into celebrity status as a popular dancer and model... and a favorite between the pages of Venus Island Girl.

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