Windi Welch

Windi Welch - Close Up Outside The Flukes

When Windi Welch finally decided what she wanted to do when she grew up, the folks at Channel 13, the only television station in Carnipelago, were more than happy to oblige. Forcasting the weather in a tropical country isn't as easy as it might seem, especially when the Sea of Secrets is somewhat of a burial ground for petered-out tropical depressions. Not that they have anything resembling a ratings system, but the managers of the small station took one look at her killer bod and gorgeous face and could only see their viewership increase. Never mind that she was a bit of a project: a graduate of the notorious Moon Beach Girls' Academy with a reputation for being a wild party girl.

But Windi took the job seriously, acheiving a degree in meteorology from a popular correspondence school, and used her assets, both physical and mental, to become a highly popular small-island celebrity.

Oh, and 'Windi' actually is her given name. Perhaps being dubbed such from infancy ultimately led her to a career that would require her to say her name quite often.

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