Maelie Braga

Maelie In Her Seals Uniform


Despite the cherubic, pixie-like appearance of this young member of the Ancient Keeper Tribe, Maelie must have some deep, dark secrets that we may only be beginning to unearth.

Rather than speculate here, this is what is known by Venus Island Girl:

She indeed was a student at the notorious reform school Moon Beach Girls' Academy, where by all accounts she was a good student and a captain, for a time, of the school waterpolo powerhouse team, the Mermaids.

She also attended the school at the same time that the bouncer of the also notorious Silver Seal Nightclub, Onzo Braga, was the coach of the aforementioned water polo team before his dismissal for reasons still unconfirmed.

Her actual relationship with Onzo was, for quite some time, clouded in mystery. They share a last name, but was that merely coincidence, or were they, in fact, cousins, brother and sister, father and daughter, or something else entirely? After many who observed their often more-than-familial public affection for each other finally caused several well-meaning Carnipelagians to ask, it was insisted that the two, were in fact, according to both of them, siblings. Though, there were no Ancient Keeper Tribal records of such.

The little pixie, upon leaving Moon Island, immediately found work as a catalog model for the popular Springfield clothing store and major Venus Island Girl advertiser, the Purple Pelican. She was also recruited by Pucky Luxx to join his professional women's water polo team, the Team Fornax Seals, along with her brother who became head coach. Last we heard, the Bragas were sharing a bungalow somewhere near the lush and secluded jungle shores of the Vermelho Flume.

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