Delcine Boneca

Delcine's Model Pic



Like many Tulanine youngsters, little Delcine Boneca always craved attention. Even as a member of the Klown Kids, Circo Tulala's (the Clown Tribe) afterschool youth group, Delcine had a knack for getting noticed, and was her Den's leading fundraiser and talent show organizer.

Either by accident or by her own manipulative design, while still in the Academy, she found herself at the Silver Seal's unapproved offshore winter retreat, Camp Fornax, where she wrangled her way into a job at the club as an intermission girl. While striding down the catwalk in shimmering, tight-fitting gowns, holding the electric sign that announced the upcoming performing act, she made quite an impression.

She often gathered more attention that the acts she was announcing, and was often confused for a showgirl. So it was no surprise to anyone that immediately upon her graduation, she was signed to a more lucrative and high-profile position as a full-fledged showgirl. Which spared a lot of her ardent "fans" a good deal of embarrassment now that the money they through up on the stage at her when she was underage no longer had to be returned or taken back.


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