Quenna Su

Q. Su II


Carnipelago's favorite problem child is the daughter of Renaldo Su, a freak-show performer known as the "Human Coatrack".

His equally gaunt off-spring insists she's carrying on the family tradition by becoming one of the Islands' most successful fashion models.

"They hang lots of clothes on me and people stand there and gawk at me. And I get paid for it," she surmises. "What's the difference between me and Daddy? Not much, really."

Those who only know her as the tall blonde with the long legs and arrestingly exotic eyes rarely even recognize her when she's not under the hot glare of the studio lights.

A reputed drug addict and chain smoker, Quenna is often seen roaming the streets of Springfield in the wee hours of the morning, looking more like a homeless waif than one of the IRC's most glamourous celebrities. According to some, she is often so intoxicated after nights of bar-hopping that she frequently passes out at the local homeless shelter, unable to make it back to her High Street condo.

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