Gigi Johnson

Gigi Poses - Audition Photo

Gigi's story begins far from the Venus Islands, back in Boulder City, Nevada, USA, where she grew up a lot faster than most girls her age - at least physically. Perhaps she knew that her cherubic face and precocious killer body could give her some... advantages in life, but either way, her mother and stepfather could not seem to keep their little knockout away from older men. To make a long story short, she sent packing for our tiny Island country for an extended 'spring break' when the whiff of scandal began to taint their family's good name back in Boulder City. The recipient of this bouncy, boisterous, and bodacious package was her long-lost stepbrother, a musician in one of most popular local rock and roll bands, who quickly introduced her to the islands and its wild, carefree culture. She fell for her him right away, and when she decided to stay, she would have to either marry a native, have her step-brother legally adopt her, or she'd have to get a job. She somehow managed two of the three: one included fat paychecks from the editors of Venus Island Girl Magazine and we'll leave you to find out the other.

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