August 1985

Haelie Ann Love
Originally Released: 
August, 1985
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You asked for it... you got it. Quality Time with the petite but voluptuous import from the U.K., Haelie Anne Love! We visit Haelie at her Sand Football League practice, follow her home, then take her out on a hot date at the Park.


The Moon Beach Mermaids thrill sports fans across the Venus Islands, and now we see them in much, much less than their baby blue and ocean green uniforms as they model some tiny little bikinis at Ombro Esquerdo...

Every so often, Pucky Luxx, proprietor of the legendary go-go palace The Silver Seal, lets a bunch of neighborhood girls go nuts on the Silver Seal stage for the pleasure of his patrons. It's the quarterly Amatuer Night at the Seal! The prize money was up to 34,000 clams this year and the competition was RED HOT.

And also included, another edition of Fashion Constable! This month the constable spies on a few locals who dare to prance about in public showing more skin than Imperial Law might allow!

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