Zia - Jungle Exile

Once considered lost for good, or worse, the victim of some political imprisonment, or worse than that, Zia was discovered in the deep Mauvais forest in Carniville Island by a somewhat bumbling foreign scientist studying the island's rare indiginous black bees. She was once a star of the Empress's flamboyant traveling circus act, Tramptastic, until changes to her physique made the Empress, Eris II, wonder if her prized acrobat had had some type of unnatural body modification. Zia sarcastically and impudently blamed her over-sized breasts on a bee-sting when confronted, which led to a wild paranoia about the 'poisonous dangers' of the venim of the black bees. The former Empress was like that. And many suggest she was jealous of Zia's body... and the attention it gave her from her favorite male acrobat, her secret lover, Boy IV. Whatever the reason, Zia was suddenly removed from the circus show and her whereabouts were unknown to all, including the Empress, who unwittingly let her escape from their secret tribal treehouse complex in the forest. Zia survived, much like the original island settlers, on the wealth of the land - coconuts, wild pigs, bananas, and a teeming and endless supply of fish. Once discovered, she was coaxed out of hiding by the scientist, Rex Roielle, with help from Venus Island Girl Chairman, Pucky Luxx. She really had been bee-stung, but whether that caused her voluptuous body changes, or whether the changes were just a natural part of her late puberty, was the subject of national debate for a decade.

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