Nina Pequena

Nina Pequena


Ah, Nina. The little clowngirl from Springfield Bluffs. Her unwed father was a prominent member of the Clown Tribe, Circo Tulala, when she was born, and was such a pretty baby and toddler that she was immediately introduced to the burgeoning Circo entertainment industry as a model, and child actor in several low-budget locally produced sitcoms. Her mother, a tourist who never became a full citizen, would have preferred an abortion but being stuck in a third world little archepelago, decided otherwise. After three years of whining about the country, and thinking the child she never really bonded with was on her way to stardom, Nina's natural mother decided to leave Carnipelago in the trusty hands of her former lover and his tribe. She never made it home, as the boat she took back to Argentina wrecked, tossing her and a few unlucky passengers into the shark-filled waters of the South Atlantic.

Along the way, little Nina, learned to crave the attention her precocious career brought, became spoiled and more than a little bit of a brat. When she began to gain weight around the age of eight or nine, her career as a cute, cheeky little comedic child star peterred out. She was chubby, very short, and, at the time, a bit obnoxiously immature, even for a nine-year-old.

When her trademark babytalk wouldn't get her anything she wanted, she faded from the local eye, finally enrolled in a regular school, and began to cause her father nothing but headaches. She was filling out quickly, her pudgy round shape developing voluptuous curves, like many Circo females - except that Nina had barely reached 14 when she was having to squeeze herself into custom-made EE bras, or as was often the case, no bra at all. Spoiled, practically illiterate, and desperate for attention, little Nina quickly discovered boys... and then men. By the time she was 15, she had the body of an 18-year-old, but the maturity of a 12-year-old. The trademark babytalk she charmed television audiences with as a toddler, she now unleashed on whatever unsuspecting wealthy tourist that would pay her attention... and then eventually pay her much more than that.

By her mid-teens, she was skipping school and turning tricks on the dangerous streets of Springfield and Carnopolis, raking in the foreign money, craving the adoration of a growing list of sugar daddies, and somehow hiding it from her father.

Unfortunately, the sextrade in the 80's was policed and regulated by her own tribe, Circo, who for a time had no idea the youngster was cutting into their profits - and significantly. They were not thrilled. She would either have to whore herself out for the tribe and turn her profits over to their King of Clowns directly, or be shipped off the the remote Moon Beach Girls' Academy, get a degree and eventually pay back the money she had robbed from the racketeering tribe through less lurid methods. She would not be able to leave the remote Moon Island until she could hand over a significant pile of clams - perhaps more than she'd earned on her own.

Her father, horrified and previously unaware of her 'afterschool activities', refused to have his teenager selling her precocious body for the tribal clam, and off she was sent to Moon Island, in tears. Her father, would try to make amends to the tribe on his own, with the agreement that Nina study and graduate 'with honors', which she did... for a while... until her father was murdered by an unknown assailant's speargun while illegally pearl-diving off the coast of Springfield Bluffs...

Nina's story, along with several other Moon Island girls, will continue in the ongoing Venus Island Confidential series, "The Secret Life Of Mermaids". Stay tuned.

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