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The Lopes Twins Emerge

The Lopes Twins Emerge


We can only guess what Enos encountered in that tiny little booth, but it appears that in order to fix whatever problem the Lopes twins had, he somehow needed to remove his clothing.

The Lopes Twins Corner Enos

The Lopes Twins Toy With Enos 3


What happens next is something more suitable for our companion publication, Venus Island Confidential*... shortly after this was taken, the booth was rocking and we didn't bother knocking.

*Ed Note: Stay tuned for their story and more of what occurs in their booth in an upcoming edition of Venus Island Confidential.

Getting Enos Into The Photobooth

The Lopes Twins Toy With Enos 2


Once Enos sits down in the booth to investigate the issue, he immediately comes in contact with one of the twins' perfectly firm asses.

The Lopes Twins Toy With Enos

The Lopes Twins Toy With Enos


They summon a park worker, Enos, and seem to be having trouble getting the photobooth to work. Enos seems to be willing to help them...

Lopes Twins Hatch A Plan

Lopes Twins On The Prowl 2


Luana and Yoana (and don't ask us which is which) are frequent visitors to the park and seem to enjoy the art of flirtation... though some would call it 'cocktease'... they spot a target and plot their strategy...

Lopes Twins On The Prowl

Lopes Twins On The Prowl


As we head to the Fairway with its wild rides, we spot the notorious Lopes Twins and just watch them work from afar. We didn't really want to know what they were up to, but we definitely wanted to shoot what we could... perhaps they'd let us debut them in Venus Island Girl now that they'd finally graduated from the Academy.

Gigi Waits By The Payphone

Gigi At The Park 4


Before we left, she promised to get back to us about posing some more after she'd discussed it with her brother... and then she gave us a big bright smile and flashed a set of braces...

Gigi A Little Shy - But Poses Anyway

Gigi At The Park 3


She seemed excited about posing for our camera, but still reluctant and a little bit shy... but what a bombshell. She was so small and petite but as you can see, carried a particularly round and full pair of breasts. We wanted more.

"I'll have to ask my brother," was her response.

Apparently, Little Miss Gigi is the long lost baby sister of a musician somewhere on Carniville Island. But she wouldn't say more than that.

Gigi and Her Rentabike

Gigi At The Park 2


She seemed reluctant to talk to us, but her accent was unmistakeably American... and we did have to translate some of the coming attraction signs for her... in exchange for one or two test shots.

Marielle Wins The Whole Pot

Marielle at the Larcadium 7


She may have been down on her luck and locked out of her motel room, but Marielle just wound up with a small fortune... almost 24 hundred clams is no chump change in this tiny country... she can invest in some underwear perhaps... but how will she ever thank Buggy? (We'll probably find out someday.)

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