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Behind The Scenes: Gigi Loves Men

Behind The Scenes: Gigi Loves Men


She watched them as they slowly dissipated, one of them flipping me off. Then I had to figure out what was up with my cousin. Mr. Professional Photographer. Not without a little advice for Gigi.

"You should cool it with the porno jokes for a while, hon," I advised.

"I wasn't joking. I would so do that."

"With Deximo?"

"With anyone who'll pay me enough to stay here. I can't keep pretending to be Johnson's baby sister..."


"He must be into that on the side, Jozzy. You can tell me... Or know someone who is?"

Behind The Scenes: Gigi Stops Traffic

Behind The Scenes: Gigi Stops Traffic


The giggling and candid conversation was halted abruptly with a gasp.

"There's people watching us!"

Gigi squealed, but instead of trying to cover up or hide, she teeter-tottered on her fetish heels to the window and started waving like a beauty queen in a parade.

"Men! Look at them all!"

Gigi Likes Quenna's Bikini

Gigi Likes Quenna's Bikini


"Now if I had a body like that, I could wear just about anything in here..."

We assured Gigi that we liked her body just fine.

"Oh, stop... I would totally fall out of something like that..."

Gigi seemed a little indecisive on what to try on first, like most rabid shoppers, so Deximo suggested some sheer and frilly pajamas and they made their way to the dressing rooms...

Gigi Tries On Some Spike Heels

Gigi Tries On Some Spike Heels


"Wow! I wish I had these when I was working in Las Vegas!"

We had to ask...

"Oh, it was just an afterschool job. Nothing special. Didn't last long..."

Gigi Sees The Display Boards

Gigi Sees The Display Boards


The often controversial display boards emblazoned with skantily-clad models in the Purple Pelican window quickly got her attention.

"Wow... I hope they have something like that in my size..."

We hoped so, too.

Outside The Purple Pelican

Gigi At The Purple Pelican


When we finally got to Springfield and got out of the car, Gigi was a little surprised, and not exactly happily.

"THIS is where we're going shopping?"

We told her that that was the place.

"I thought we were going to a mall or something. This place seems... a little small..."

We assured her that she'd likely find more than what she wanted here.


Introduction: Gigi Waffles

Gigi And Her Bike


Gigi would not commit to anything without consulting her brother, she told us, so we waited to hear back from her. But the popularity of the few shots we got in May's edition led us to take a more proactive approach to winning her over...

Introduction: Deximo Meets Gigi

Deximo Meets Gigi


As you may remember from last month, our feature entitled "Wildlife In The Park" treated our readers to a view of a previously unknown American washashore and her bicycle. Deximo Zincavage, our roving photographer, needed to do a little convincing just to get the few shots he did...

Photos In Hand

Photos In Hand


As they passed us by, it was clear that the photobooth was working after all. Imagine that.

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