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Pose 17: Haelie At Carniville Park

Haelie At The Park


Finally, after cockteasing our photographer with the skill of a symphony conductor, Haelie Anne finally declared that she would need to shower and then meet us at the Shuttle Station at Carniville Park, which was just around the corner, practically.

We darted off, got some coffee, and by the time we reached the Shuttle Station, she was already there... looking like pure sex.

Kyndra Loves You - Part Two: The Ringmaster

Kyndra Loves You - Part Two Cover

Updated 11/26/11.

When we last left Kyndra, she had her playtime with long-lost second cousin Vitor cut short when Vitor and his brother Venicius, collectively known as the Tucci Brothers, strongmen and animal trainers, were scheduled to make an early morning appearance on the popular local morning television show, "Ola Carnipelago".

Kyndra made up her mind to accompany the boys to the local television studio, and as they say, the rest is history...

Gigi In The Store

Gigi In The Store


While I looked for Deximo, Gigi continued browsing, still dressed like a stripper.

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