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Holy Guano!

Holy Guano!


Holy Guano! Buggy's token was good luck, indeed!

Marielle Plays Video Poker

Marielle at the Larcadium 5


Satisfied that Marielle's resemblance to our monarch is just a freakish coincidence, Buggy gives Marielle a good luck and so long and rushes back to his wife nearby... she's not the jealous type, thank goodness...

Marielle Inserts The Token

Marielle at the Larcadium 4


Buggy has a way with women. He instantly cheers her up with a few lines of her native, if broken, Portuguese, a free token for the video poker and a smile. Marielle is already grateful and we get a rather lurid shot out of it.

Buggy Offers A Token

Marielle at the Larcadium 3


Of course, Buggy does what we didn't have the sense to do. Offer the girl a token so she could play the game...

Marielle Gets Noticed By The Bugman

Marielle at the Larcadium 2


As we were shooting her, the "Bugman" from the wildly popular park feature "Gigueshow", Selmo Barboletto, wandered past and did a double take. We did, too, when we first saw her, but Buggy seemed to have a different reason.

"She looks just like you know who..."

We squinted. Goodness. Marielle does bear a striking resemblance to our Empress, Her Eternal Radience Eris II. Uncanny.

Buggy wandered over to investigate.

Genna Wants Something To Squeeze

Venus Island Girl Page


We leave the threesome be at the Stroke 'n' Squirt as Genna tells the barker she'd like something to squeeze...

Genna Wins - And Notices The Photog.

Genna Wins


Genna wins... but cautions our photographer that she might like a little privacy as she's about to consult with the barker about what prize she could take for her effort...

Stroking Hard and Squirting Fast

Genna and Maelie - Stroke n Squirt 4


It's hard to tell from this particular angle who is actually winning, but we're not complaining about the angle...

Genna and Maelie - Stroking and Squirting

Genna and Maelie - Stroke n Squirt 3


And the race is on... the two girls stroke their water pistols and push the little sperm whales along their paths by hitting the colored dishes with their stream...

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