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Gigi On The Catwalk IX

Gigi On The Catwalk


As the crowd rumbled, some disapproving, some not (oddly), Silver Seal bouncer Onzo nipped Dez's little adventure with Gigi's tits in the bud... rules are rules and Gigi'd just made a mint for whoever won the contest... it would be a shame if she was disqualified...

Gigi On The Catwalk VII

Gigi On The Catwalk


And then it was off... as her plump, young breasts began to sway nakedly, it wasn't apparent at first that she'd covered her nipples with silver pasties, a wardrobe choice that was later determined to be not only perfectly permissible, but inspired. The audience howled and moaned, shifting in their seats when they weren't emptying their wallets into Gigi's buckets... then Gigi challenged her new 'valet' to do something even more.... well... helpful...

She wanted him to make sure her pasties were on "good and tight."

Gigi On The Catwalk VI

Gigi On The Catwalk


Gigi was pushing the boundaries as the audience egged Dez on.

"I didn't know if I would get tossed out or not, but hell, there she was asking me to untie her top," he said, "Eh? Hell, yeah, I'll do that, eh.."

Gigi On The Catwalk V

Gigi On The Catwalk


Dez was offered a job few heterosexual men would ever turn down... the opportunity to loosen the diaphanous little bandeau the cherubic Gigi was using to barely cover her tits...

Gigi On The Catwalk II

Gigi On The Catwalk


Gigi seemed to have a knack for connecting with her audience, looking each of them right in the eye with an impish gleam... There were more than a few squirming in their comfy seats... and finally one was compelled to get a little closer...

Camilisa On The Catwalk V

Camilisa On The Catwalk


Camilisa shows off that magificently curved and athletically toned body...

Zia On The Catwalk II

Zia On The Catwalk


Zia seemed a little awkward for someone who once flew through the smoky big top air with the greatest of ease. Perhaps she wasn't used to the spikey pumps she squeezed her feet into... perhaps she'd had a little too much of the backstage libations which often flowed like a waterfall... or perhaps it was part of her ruse to hide her identity the best she could... either way it was entertaining... and quite arrousing...

Zia On The Catwalk

Zia On The Catwalk


The next contestant didn't want her real name used (not uncommon during contests at the Silver Seal), so the P.A. announcer refered to her as "Crystal" - we can now divulge that the girl was actually former acrobat princess Zia, who'd been removed from the show and her tribe for reasons we're still not quite sure of. Wearing classes and flaunting an almost flawless voluptuous body, she didn't look much like the waifish tumbler who once starred in the dazzing show, "Tramptastic." Still, there were mumbles in the crowd as to her real identity...

Genna On The Catwalk II

Genna On The Catwalk


Imagine that pair hovering and bouncing and swaying inches from your face when little Genna does your hair...

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