Floating Their Boats!

Venus Island Girl Page
January 1985

Think you can't get a decent boat at the High Street Marinas for less than 800c? Of course, you can! Venus Island Girl features a few lovely sea-faring locals and their small, but enjoyable watercraft. All of them were originally purchased for under 800 clams [About $2,000 in US Dollars].

Andie Lee
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Effie Jo aboard The Tetra
Effie Jo Aboard The Tetra - with a Kiss Pop Soda!
Genna Bonducci aboard her Tubarao
Genna tells Venus Island Girl, "I carry four tanks of oxygen with it..."
Does it have a name, Genna? "Hell, yeah, but you're gonna laugh."
Zia and Andie aboard the Moray
Zia and Andie Lee aboard the Moray - Ombro Straights
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