At The Beach Shack With The Moon Island Mermaids

Randi - At the Shack With The Mermaids
August 1985


While our esteemable cheif photographer was dating one of the buxom members of the Moon Beach Girls' Academy Mermaids Water Polo Team, he was given, by virtue of their relationship, unprecidented access to the goings on of these lovely and talented ladies. Much of that work would later become legend, once many of their secrets were revealed in the "Secret Life Of Mermaids" series published long after the original pictorials (like this one) first appeared in Venus Island Girl.

In this short (24 page) picture set, our photographer accompanies three of the team (Randi, Angel, and their captain Iris) to a remote little ramshackle shack in a secluded and fairly desolate cove in an area of Moon Island called Ombro Esquerdo, or The Right Shoulder. While there, a few more secrets were revealed, but those were not reported at the time. Instead, look forward to some of the happenings of that day (and night) to a forthcoming edition of "The Secret Life of Mermaids." For now, enjoy the visage of the three fantastic bodies posing in the afternoon sun in some of the tiniest swimsuits the world had ever seen (at least back in the 80's).

Randi Gatinho
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Randi Pose 1
Randi Pose 2
Randi and Angel Spot An Interloper
Randi And Angel
Angel Likes What She Sees, Too
He Still Doesn't Know They Are There
It's Mack
Sneaking Up On Mack
Angel Pose 1
Angel Pose 2
Angel Pose 3
Iris Arrives
Iris In Her Casual Attire 1
Iris In Her Casual Attire 2
Iris Waiting Outside
Randi Pose 3
Randi Pose 4
Randi Pose 5
Randi and Iris
Randi and Iris
Venus IslaIris Pose 2
Iris Pose 3
Iris Pose 4
Iris Pose 5
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