Playing With Haelie Anne Love

Playing With Haelie Anne Love - Cover
August 1985

We first caught a glimpse of the lovely, round and diminutive washashore Haelie Anne Love back in March of 1985 where she was recruited to play a seductively modified form of American football (or "footer" as she would say) by a pair of Moon Beach Mermaids. We didn't know much about Haelie, other than at the time, she was working for the American entertainer Roxanne Rolls, but wouldn't specify what her role was.

When photographer Deximo Zincavage, looking for some ways to kill a few rolls of film on a sunny say, decided to pay the Springfield Sand Football League a surprise visit, he found little Haelie practicing kick returns with the massive Brothers Tucci, wearing, well, practically nothing. After snapping a few shots of Haelie and the boys, he decided to invite Haelie to model for a few more pictures, fighting off the Tuccis in the process.

As a non-naturalized immigrant, Haelie quickly realized that becoming a paid model might be a better ticket to establishing full Citizenship (and its exorbitant Naturalization Fee) than whatever mysterious odd jobs she may be doing for Mistress Rolls... The rest led to our August 1985 Cover Model Story...

Haelie Ann Love
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