Meet Gigi Johnson!

Meet Gigi Johnson
June 1985

June's Venus Island Cover Girl comes to us all the way from America... Las Vegas, in fact. Gigi first appeared in the May edition on Venus Island Girl when she was discovered riding her bike around Carniville Park. It turns out that this petite but curvacious stranger is a washashore hoping to make our little island nation her new home.

And to support her cause, a very worthy one at that, we've taken some time to get to know Gigi, including taking her on a shopping spree at every young woman's favorite boutique, the Purple Pelican in Springfield!

Editor's Note: Gigi created a bit of a scandal with nine or ten of the raciest photos ever shown in Venus Island Girl up to then. Now, more than a decade later, we can finally present you with many of the sizzling behind-the-scenes pictures and commentary from Jozzy Walker that was not originally published back in 1985. Enjoy!

Gigi Johnson
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