In The Treetops With The Princess

In The Treetops With Vala
April 1985


The heir to the Acrobat Empire takes Venus Island Girl on an exclusive tour of her world high above the jungle floor in the treetops of the Caseme Arvore complex.

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Vala Greets The Camera Crew At The Lower Cabins
Vala Shoos Her Compatriots Off
Vala Unveils The Rubber Bodysuit
Vala Points To Her Lofty Lair
Vala Urges Us Upward
Vala and Emie In The Middle Cabins
Vala and Emie In The Middle Cabins
Emie Likes The Rubber Suit
Vala On The Mezzanine
Vala Swings A Little
Vala Swings And Taunts
Vala On The Mezzanine
Vala's Fine Young Ass
Vala On Her Porch
Vala Outside Her Cabin
Vala Sans Panty
Vala In The Rubber Suit 1
Vala On Her Bed
Vala On Her Bed
Vala On Her Bed
Vala And Her Body
Vala And Her Body
The Ultimate Venus Island Girl
Vala's Sheer Bikini
Sheerly Sexy
Imperial Rump
Vala Gets Ready For Bed
Vala's Perfect Ass
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