The Blue Ball Diaries - Part Four: The Ride Home

Blue Ball Diaries Cover - Chapter 4

Fifty pages of rusty lurid adventures take place on an old steamship that suffices as the Island Nation's ferry system. Rusty, finally having survived the storm, and his pact with Pucky Luxx surviving the charms of Tami Tizzi-Nash, is now traveling home to Carniville Proper. There, on the S. S. Billie Mae, he's met by none other than the reigning Miss Carnipelago, a trollop named Pia Rapoza who may be younger than she claimed in her contest application! She slips the weary traveling Rusty into her private compartment, where he mistakenly confuses some potent serum for soda pop and suffers some unforgiving symptoms to himself and his world-class male member. Just as he thinks he's safe to ride it out and get home pact intact, he meets Pia's friends....

Celia Lobo
Pia Rapoza
Wilona Tucci
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