Pia Rapoza

Pia Rapoza in a Sling

Nothing much happens in the tiny fishing and mining village of Mermaid City. Nothing exciting, anyway. So it's no surprise that a young woman would be very excited to leave the huts and rocks and scales for the bright lights of Carniville City.

But few women can do it with quite the same fanfare and expectations that young Pia did.

There was never even a vote about it. Pia was such a complete and utter knockout since the age of fifteen that everyone in Mermaid City just assumed that she would one day represent Mermaid City in the annual Miss Venus Island pageant just as soon as she was old enough.

But many would wonder privately when that day came and she was sent off packing with her entry form for the big event whether she was old enough. Though 'old enough' might have meant that Pia's nice round tits were big enough that no one would assume otherwise.

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