Always Windi! The Racy Photoshoot

Always Windi! The Exclusive Racy Photoshoot
February 1985

Venus Island Girl meets Channel 13 Morning Weatherbabe Windi Welch.

Windi Welch
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Windi Welch Outside The Flukes
Hanging Out With Windi Outside The Flukes
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Kimba Breaks The Bad News To Windi
Windi Gets Stood Up Outside The Flukes
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Hollie's Too Busy For Windi
Windi Outside The Silver Seal
Windi The Weatherbabe
Windi The Weatherbabe Downs One
Windi Rocks The Bikini
Windi In The Pink Bikini
Where's My Rum?
Cock Rocket Coconut Rum
Windi The Cocktease
Windi Challenges Deximo's Professionalism
Windi Challenges Deximo's Professionalism Even More
Windi Sucks Down Another Cock Rocket
Windi In The Prime Minister's Slingshot I
Windi Smoking Hot In The Slingshot
Windi Jiggles
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