July 1985

Andie Lee
Originally Released: 
July, 1985
Current Status: 
Members Only


Statuesque, brilliant, and beautiful, Andie Lee has gone from serving summons for the Imperial Sheriff to the spotlights and sparkling stage of the Silver Seal Club in Carniville Park. Our photo team visits her modern home in Carniville Heights and spends the day at work with her at the Silver Seal, backstage and on-stage.

Also, coming in this edition: 

Venus Island Girl goes out on the town with a mixed group of revelers, including some of the stars of the Imperial Circus show "Tramptastic." Also, we sneak some hot shots from a wild party in upscale Carniville Heights and we head to the Distant Shores, Taylor and Mineral Islands and shoot some fantastic-looking models on the beach.

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