Johnson - At Home

Everett Earl Johnson was a tourist originally, who came to Carnipelago to escape the constant meddling of an overbearing father and reinvent himself as a musician. His father wanted him to become a lawyer, like himself, but Everett was bent on a more leasurely existance and took off to the tropical shores of the Sea of Secrets. When he was naturalized as a full-fledged citizen due to his full-time job as a pianist in a small nightclub houseband called the Silver Seal Combo, he decided to drop his first and middle name and henceforth be known only by his last name. He was the only Johnson in the entire empire it turns out and he thought this was so unusual that he decided be fashionable and like a few star professional athletes, Just Johnson it was.

He was perhaps unaware at the time that the term "Johnson" was a Circo Tulala slang word for penis. Or maybe he wasn't. After all, it wasn't soon afterward that he joined the empire's top rock band, the lurid glamrock group The Hard Rock Love Pops, fronted by the usually half-naked lead singer Rusty Naelhre.

His carefree life was short lived, as without warning, his teenage step sister Gigi would arrive on his doorstep, suddenly in his care indefinitely. Perhaps a punishment from his arrogant father, who needed a place to shelf the young physically precocious knockout to avoid a family scandal back in Nevada. Johnson's life would never be the same. He was smitten with the teenager, but terrified of his father's potential wrath, he tried to conceal his somewhat incestuous feelings as long as he could, still unsure of the girl's true age, and just exactly how much familial blood they shared. She was the child of another mother, his father's third wife and his father had always referred to Gigi as his own.

When Gigi decided to stay with him for good. They had three options. She could get a job like he did. He could adopt her. Or he could marry her....

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