In The Treetops With The Princess

In The Treetops With Vala


The heir to the Acrobat Empire takes Venus Island Girl on an exclusive tour of her world high above the jungle floor in the treetops of the Caseme Arvore complex.

Playing With Umi

Playing With Umi All Day Long

Umi Suba, go-go dancer and professional water polo player, shows us a few more of her wild hobbies and pastimes.

Emie And Bee Dazzle Without A Net

Emie And Bee Fly High Above The Ring

Another dazzling performance that night high above the ring and without a net. Tramptastic! is not only well brilliantly choreographed, somewhat death-defying, and unusual, it's also very, very sexy. It's no wonder the show is consistently SRO. Kudos to Vala and her sisters for conceiving of this latest offering from the Imperial Treehouse Acrobatic Troupe, and to Emie for performing the most daring parts of it.

Emie Gets Ready To Ascend

Emie In Leotard

"You're not going to shoot my ass while I climb this are you?" Emie wants to know, "Or is that the only reason you're here, Deximo?" Well, it is a spectacular and talented little backside.

Emie Strikes A Pose

Emie In Leotard

Emie gives our camera a cute little pose before ascending the ladder.

Vala Urges Emie To Do Something About Her Mop Of Hair

Vala And Emie Backstage

Vala offers Emie a hair brush. She never approved of Emie's wild shock of strawberry blond.

Vala Lays Down The Law

Vala Rules The Dressing Room

Vala doesn't mince words. "What the fuck is he doing here?"

Vala Arrives

Vala Arrives

Heir to the throne, Princess Vala herself arrives looking, well, smoking hot, and wanting to know who let the visiting photographer in.

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