Over The Top: Wilona Tucci Comes Of Age

Over The Top: Wilona Tucci Comes Of Age
May 1985

For years the Tucci name has meant quality family circus entertainment. The Tucci Brothers, formerly Tucci and Sons before their father retired from the ring, were a circus headlining act with their acts of strength and daring-do in cages with seemingly wild, but well-trained animals. They were members of the Ancient Keeper Tribe, otherwise known as the Giques, who trace their lineage from a group of freakshow entertainers who were shipwrecked on the Islands along with the original settlers of Carnipelago. Every so often, a member of the Giques will display some overwhelmingly odd or extreme physical characteristic and the latest of which, well-hidden until her 18th birthday, might just be their baby sister Wilona, who wound up with a pair of massive natural breasts pendulating from her rather diminutive little frame.

Wilona At BikiniramaLittle Wilona was kept far in the background, away from ogling eyes, by the otherwise high-profile Tucci's until they decided to move their home from the far reaches of Costa Preto, the black beaches of the far southern end of Carniville Island, to the more toney section of Carniville Heights. Wilona, now free to explore the more populous areas of the main island, soon decided that it was time she struck out on her own and freed herself from her stern and over-protective older brothers and father. To try to make some money of her own, she entered the annual Bikinirama pageant at the Silver Seal without the knowledge of her family, who would certainly have prevented such at thing.

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Wilona, shy at first, quickly won the gasping adoration of the crowds, but in a controversial ending, she finished second place - and out of the money. For her blue-ribbon effort, she did win a rather large gift certifWIlona Knocks Out The Crowd At Bikiniramaicate to the Bikinirama sponsor clothing boutique, The Purple Pelican, but she was almost desperately hoping to win the 5,000 clams that first prize would attain. Knowing that her family would almost undoubtably find out about her appearance (in a rather skimpy and see-through slingshot swimsuit), she was hoping that they would approve if they knew she had made so much money. And if not, at least she had the clams to finally get her own place.

But before her overbearing and massive brothers could find out, she was discovered by none other than our roving photographer Deximo Zincavage, who approached her in the hallway of the Silver Seal after the event. At first suspicious of the swarthy Deximo, she agreed when she was told that if she made the cover of Venus Island Girl, she would be paid far more than the 5,000c she was hoping to win at Bikinirama. After seeing her shots, the editorial team, once their jaws were popped back in place, certainly agreed, and a new star of the Carnipelago scene was born.

Wilona Tucci
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Vitor and Vinicius Tucci
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