Meet Kyndra!

Meet Kyndra!
Septembre 1985

In the bombshell Septembre 1985 issue of Venus Island Girl, Silver Seal Go-Go Girl Kyndra Lee showed readers a unique look inside the notorious nightclub in the corner of Carniville Park. Readers were treated to rare shots of Kyndra backstage with her employer, the famed King of Clowns, Pucky Luxx, who allowed our cameras to shoot him in one of the many bizarre costumes his floor show was famous for. Kyndra also showed VIG readers around the bar, a never-before-seen look at the notorious Hookah Lounge, the dressing room, and ten exclusive shots of her breathtaking stage show, which incorporated a state-of-the-art mechanical hand that lifted her high above her astonished audience.

Before heading to the Seal, we also got some quality time with Kyndra at her boathouse home in Carniville Heights, getting her to pose in a microscopic bikini. And now release for the first time, some quite topless pictures of her relaxing (and teasing) writer Jozzy Walker.

Kyndra Lee
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