Hot Fun In Hot Sand

Hot Fun In Hot Sand - Angel Sputz on Cover
March 1985

Three enterprizing young ladies, Moon Beach Girls' Academy Graduates Angel Sputz and Randi Gatinho along with British Washashore Haelie Ann Love team up to bring a Merkan [ED: Carnipelagian slang for "American"] sport to the sandy shores of Carnipelago. Of course, they added their own twists, making the game as sizzlingly hot as the Carnopolis Beach sands.

On the cover, Angel Sputz poses with the odd-looking ball at Landers Field.

Angel Sputz
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Pages From This Article

Randi and Angel in the Sand
Randi and the Torn Tee Shirt
Randi Poses In Her Too Small Tee Shirt
Randi Gets Ready To Be Tackled
Angel Models Her Game Jersey
Angel Looks For Her Teammates
Haelie Arrives At The Sandlot
Podgy Haelie
Angel Waits For Vitor
Angel and Randi wait for Vitor
Angel And Randi Flash While Reaching For A Pass
Angel, Randi, and Vitor Discuss Recent Rule Changes
Haelie Gets Ready To Pass
Haelie Makes A Pass
Venus Island Girl Page
Randi Defends Haelies Pass But Angel Catches It
Haelie Goes Up For A Pass
Haelie Goes Up For One
Haelie Catches One
Haelie Bobbles It
Vinicious Has A Handful of Haelie
Venus Island Girl Page
Angel Poses In Her Road Uni
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