Heat Your Jets!

Heat Your Jets - With Fiona And Pia
May 1985


When one of our loyal sponsors, the Purple Pelican Boutique in Springfield, let us know that they'd finally gotten a modelling deal with the reigning Miss Carnipelago (in 1985), Pia Rapoza, we begged for some outtakes. It turns out we didn't have to beg, not that it didn't hurt and we're not too proud anyway, but our own roving photographer Deximo Zincavage was handling the lens and turned us on to some candids for your viewing pleasure.

One thing Pia insisted on is that the shoot also incorporate her newest best friend Fiona Fine, a waitress at the Flukes II Nightclub in Carnopolis Corners, who she met at the Miss Carnipelago pageant earlier that year. Fiona was representing Carnopolis Corners and showing off her splendid gams when the two met and we're more than happy to have another look at those legs... and the rest of her, too.

Fiona Fine
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