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January 1985

Despite the ban on nude beaches, these ladies still like to flaunt their golden assets along the shores of the Sea of Secrets.

Kyndra Lee
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Camilisa, soaked in coconut oil, in a daring two piece from Mankandy.
Camilisa looking for the Imperial Lifeguard. We doubt she needs a swimming lesso
Princess Vala is looking for her favorite lifeguard... yes, he's male. Is it you
Princess Vala models a cute little sling from Mankandy out on Carnopolis Beach.
Roxanne dares you to come see her private hiding place amid the Carnopolis Beach
Go-Go Dancer Roxanne Rolls models a sheer (but legal!) one-piece from Princess P
Kyndra doesn't make up to Carnopolis Beach much, which might be a good thing for
Go-go dancer Kyndra Lee models a lovely fishnet bandeau bikini from Harlequin Tr
After sunset at Carnopolis Beach, Umi looks thoughtful in a bikini from Johnson
Umi always looks out for those mischievous Taylor cranes.
Umi waves to one of her fellow air balloon pilots over Tranquility Bay... or is
Go-go dancers Umi Suba and Kyndra Lee look ready for a bon-fire party after suns
Did you bring the rum?
Kyndra closes out our fishnet-inspired day at the beach in another hot strapless
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