The Blue Ball Diaries: Part Three - Riding Out The Storm

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In "The Blue Ball Diaries: Part Three - Riding Out The Storm" Rusty is rescued from being stranded on remote Taylor Island during a raging tropical storm by a strange and incredibly voluptuous government official, Tami Tizzi-Nash. Tami is not all she seems to be at first and has more than one surprise for her rescuee and a severe test to his pact of prudence.

WARNING! This feature contains lots of pictures of the curvacious Tami and the obscenely well-hung Rusty completely naked!

Tami Tizzi-Nash
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Back To Mermaid City
Outside Tami's Apartment
Outside Tami's Apartment
Tami In Her Apartment
Tami's Surprise
Famous Sister
Sami's Not A Fan
Rusty's Laminated
Rusty's Centerfold
Tami The Fan
Tami Listens
Tami Listens
Those Nipples
Lights Go Out In Mermaid City
019 - Surprise!
Off To Bed
Tami's Bod
Tami On Top
Tami On Top
Tami On Top
Tami On Top IV
Tami On Top IV
Tami On Top VI
Tami Explains
Work Interrupts
Call Of Duty
Tami Answers The Call
Missing Person
Tami On Duty
Tami On Call
Tami Reports
So Much For Fantasy
Dawn In Mermaid City
Promises In The Morning
Six Months?
Six Months.
Heading Home
Bon Voyage
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