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April 1985


It was originally planned as an annual event, but became so popular that it became a seasonal event, and also a recruiting tool for the managers of the event's venue, the Silver Seal Nightclub in Carniville Park. This past spring's Bikinirama was one to remember, as much for a particular surprise appearance from a particular Caseme Arvore princess as it was for the brevity of the "bikini" fabric.

As usual, the event was hosted by the two lead dancers of the Silver Seal's floor show group, the Lucky Ladies, who began the event by sashaying their own jaw-dropping curves to warm up the crowd. Some say that the 'warm up' from Kyndra and Andie are worth the steep price of admission alone.

Unfortunately, this season's winner was ultimately disqualified due to a pair of conditions: her bikini did not even attempt to cover her nipples (aeriola coverage was optional), and she refused to reveal her true identity. However, it was later determined that the girl with the scanty and scandalous slingshot was none other that Princess Dulai, the younger sister of Vala (see cover story), and considered by some to be second or third in line for the Throne. Though, after her drunken show on the Silver Seal stage, she might have slipped a few notches on the Caseme Arvore food chain.

We present you with several of the most notible contestants and the hosts of the event.

Kyndra Lee
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Smokin' Kyndra Greets The Crowd
Kyndra Sizzles On Stage
The Crowd Gets An Eyefull of Kyndra
Kyndra Is Joined On Stage By Partner Andie Lee
Andie Teases Kyndra and the Crowd
Pink Rubber Dresses - Not Distracting At All
Pink Rubber Dresses - Stealing The Show Before It Starts
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Pia's Tiny String Bikini
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Genna Bounces Up To The Stage
Genna Rocks It
Genna Cockteases With Poorly Concealed Tits
Wilona's Big Tits And Small Body
Wilona's... assets... stun the crowd.
If she can dance, we might have a job for little Wilona.
Wilona Struts
Giant Tits - Small Body
Wilona Jiggles
Our next contestant did not want her real name used
Is she untying her bikini bottom?
I think Miss Monkey has had a little too much to drink.
Off it goes!
We can now confirm that the drunken, petite contestant was Princess Dulai
Dulai's Bikini Comes Off
Princess Prances Halfnakedly
Acrobat In A More Lurid Venue
Dulai Breaks The Contest Rules
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