After Midnight At The Heights

After Midnight At The Heights
July 1985


After a wild night of revelry at the Silver Seal Club in Carniville Park, Venus Island Girl photographer Deximo Zincavage gets to play paparazzi, getting permission to take a few photos of a high-society afterhours party at the home of Flamingo's two pro beach volleyball stars, Vica Ponto and Xe.

It turns out to be a small party, hopefully not due to our roving camera, but provides a great photo opportunity for a few of the loveliest of Carnipelago's high profile females, including a rare appearance by an actual princess acrobat, the sumptuously gorgeous and young Princess Dulai, invited by the Carnipelago Imperial Circo De Mar's (Circus of the Sea) Ringmaster, Aon Xask.

The lovely young princess apparently enjoys the nightlife away from the Jungle Treehouse Complex, much like her older sister Vala.

Lane Wade
Vica Ponto
Others Shown: 
Aon Xask
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