Angel Sputz

Angel Sputz - Busty Jockette

A little trouble maker since she was a teenager, Angel was sent off to the Moon Beach Girls' Academy as soon as she learned how to use her newly sprouted and precocious tits to get into even more trouble. Originally not thrilled with the idea of being shipped off to an all-girls boarding school in the run down and remote Moon Island, Angel eventually adapted, and excelled in a number of activities and studies, particularly physical education and was a star driver for the MBGA's powerhouse water polo team, the Mermaids.

It was Angel's idea, while studying sports from around the world, to attempt to introduce the American game of football to her little coconut republic, but was not sure how.

Until she teamed up with her MBGA roommate, Randi Gatinho, who had graduated with her, to create a version of the game that her hot-blooded countrymen and women could enjoy. It was "sand football," played by men and women, and on the same sand pits that had always been dedicated to Carnipelago's other athletic passion, beach volleyball.

It was not exactly considered much of a true athletic contest. More of a side show. But given the rampant Carnipelagian propensity to gamble on almost anything, it became a somewhat popular spectator sport, both for those who wanted to watch the efforts of half-naked men and women rolling around in the sand, and for those who may have had a few bets on the outcome. Or outcomes. The sport naturally lent itself to some rather wild "only in Carni" proposition bets, such as, who would lose various pieces of their uniforms first, and other even more lurid wagers.

Angel and Randi, bouncy, healthy, buxom, pugnacious and energetic, were stars of this craze, which had some adaptations that lent the spectacle to as much lurid physicality as possible.

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