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Odete Soares

Venus Island Girl Page
Odete Asks A Favor
Venus Island Girl Page
Odete Meets Rusty
The Problem With Rusty
Venus Island Girl Page
The Challenge
The Deal Is Done
Rusty Realizes His Near Future Fate
Odete Dances
005: Odete and Pucky Deliberate

Blue Ball Diaries: Part Two Cover
Camilisa Lima and Odete Soares Arrive
Rusty Hides
Camilisa Has Raw Oysters
Ready To Party
Tuning In To The Bongo Show
Off Comes Camilisa's Top
Party Time
Camilisa's Round Breasts
Odete Slams It Back
Camilisa's Turn
Camilisa Slams It Back
Radio Is Fading
Deviant Alternatives
There Is Music
Rusty Reappears
Naked Dance Party Is Back On
Naked Temptations
Hatching A Plan For Rusty
Rusty's Turn To Dance
Uh Oh
An Hour Later
Rusty Left Behind

Camilisa Lima and Odete Soares On The Boat
Double Teamed And Naked
Hot and Heavy Double Team
Cock Worship

Coaxing Rusty
Later That Evening

July 1985
Andie and Odete
July 1985
Andie Tries On Odete's Suggestion
July 1985
Andie and Odete

001: Tribal Leaders Decide Nina's Fate
003: Deciding Her Fate
004: Disrobing The Miscreant
007: Off To Moon Island

The Secret Life, Ch 2

Chapter 2, Page 43
Chapter 2, Page 44
Chapter 2, Page 45

Kyndra In The Bar
Kyndra with Odete
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